Day 23 for #WorldWatercolorMonth

Although we are already in week three of the #WorldWatercolorMonth celebration, I thought of continuing the bird week for another two days. Yes, a total of nine bird paintings for this month only. Woot! Woot! My goodness this new found love affair with birds is truly one big magic ride. My only hope is that the fondness and excitement will not fade when I embark on another theme for the last week.

My offering for today is a……


Mockingbird in  5 x 7 canson 200sgm

I had a great getting to know you moment with w&n’s payne’s gray. Though our relationship is not new, I often mix this color with other colors but today, Mr Gray got center stage.  I think he was pleased with the results as I am.

Wonderful weekend dear friends! One more day for these amazing sexy beauties.


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