Day 20 for #WorldWatercolorMonth

Dear Sweet Little Robin,

Thank you for being my subject for today’s painting session. My apologies though for messing up your wings. I tried my best to capture their details but I just can’t right now. If you can give me more time for practice, which I promise I will, maybe we can have another afternoon together so I can draw and paint you accordingly. No promises of perfection but I’ll give it my best. I hope you’ll say yes.

See you again little robin. You’ll know when I’m ready. Come and ‘visit’ me again.

Much Love,

Carrie Lynn


5 x 7in watercolor painting of an orange bush robin using canson 200gsm wc paper




14 thoughts on “Day 20 for #WorldWatercolorMonth

    • The most common bird I see here is a sparrow (maya) like the bird I painted yesterday and fruit bats. I used a reference photo of the robin as I often do with all of my paintings. City life struggles….

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