ICAD 2016, Day 45

Day 45 a quote from Albert Einstein


Uh oh this is interesting! 🙂 Fortunately I have not met a creative person who does not want to share. Everyone in the creative world shares….wholeheartedly.  And its up to budding creatives to practice, learn and enjoy. Resources are in front of us we just have to do our home works. 🙂



4 thoughts on “ICAD 2016, Day 45

  1. I think sharing is part of the fun. A creative life can often be a solitary one but it’s great to be in a group of creative people – real life or online – to bounce ideas around, share techniques and ideas, and be inspired and inspiring.

  2. Hmmm… That’s what scientists think. They are a weird bunch! I know, I was one myself before I realized that I was born for something else 😀

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