Day 18 for #WorldWatercolorMonth

Other than the weekends, Mondays are one of my most busiest days of the week. I started early with home chores then moved on to banking duties and after lunch I took a few hours for me time.

Since I already knew that today will be hectic, I drew my bird last night and colored it when I arrived home a few hours ago.

Today’s bird is a parrot. Image I got from the web.



I am really loving the loose style and might explore on it more.

My version of the beautiful close up parrot is influenced by my love for the grunge/goth style hence the evidence of darker colors and touches of black. Coloring this bird was such an enjoyable experience. I am now using both wet in wet and wet in dry techniques with no hesitation and apprehension. Painting with watercolors is now becoming a relaxed activity and something I look forward to everyday. The line to the creative habit has been drawn and I am glad I took the leap.

I think I will have a repeat of this parrot and add details one day soon. For now, I am enjoying this rocker parrot. Hopefully he’ll say yes to a tune or two from his electric guitar and sing me a love song.


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