Day 15 for #WorldWatercolorMonth

Finally the last dessert in my week 2  world watercolor month list of desserts to draw and color, a blueberry mouse cake.

Now we can all have the last piece of this dessert and can start exercising again tomorrow. 🙂

With this final piece, here are the things I’ve learned so far.

  • dedicating ample time is a great help. i used to do projects in a hurry because there are so many things to check out and stare at the web. lessening internet time won’t hurt much.
  • learning about shadows early on is one of the keys to a good painting. since my husband gave me a quick lesson, i’ve never seen things the same way since. i became observant, aware of the dark lines and subtle highlights.
  •  i love bold, vibrant colors and everyone who knows me knows that. but with watercolors it is always safe to start from lightest color and build it up to the darkest. BUT  i also discovered that after putting the lightest color which is usually my first wash, i can put in the darkest colors to define where i’ll be putting in my mid colors. and build from there.
  • there is still a lot to learn on drawing and training the eye on perspective most especially if i really want to continue on going semi realism to realism.
  • i would want to discover how to combine doing realism and the suggestion of realism. the looser style plus the suggestion of something not necessarily fully detailed attracts me a lot. i might have to find a way to learn that.
  •  i do not know how to call the kind of sketching and watercoloring i am doing but my husband summed it up to me last night. he said its realism on steroids. i laughed my heart out. 😀 then he begun to tell me about hyperrealism. i am nowhere near hyperrealism and it was never a goal because….drawing problems.


Another week has passed and yet another week is coming. Another set of goals to do and not try. Another set of trials and errors. Another week of sleepless nights. No complaints. No regrets. 🙂 ❤


7 thoughts on “Day 15 for #WorldWatercolorMonth

  1. Yum! I think your method is working excellently for you. I particularly like the area on the cake where the dark tone is bleeding into the lighter tone. And I agree with Laura: you are a natural!

    • Aww thank you!. You and Laura are making me cry. No one in my family ever said that I’m a natural. I myself do not believe it. Now I wish that my mother’s sister who was the artist of the family lived to mentor me. She passed when I was about one year old.

    • I have been telling myself the same thing everyday. Its just that I have this feeling deep down that if I do not do it now then when. At 45 and just starting to enjoy drawing and coloring, time is very valuable. BUT I am happy with the stress. If and when my psoriasis flares up, now that’s the time to slow down and maybe take a vacation. 🙂 Thank you, Laura for thinking of me and how I am doing. Don’t worry dear, I am enjoying every moment of this journey.

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