Day 14 for #WorldWatercolorMonth

With today’s challenge of choice, is a doughnut.

I love doughnuts, specifically those yummy japanese doughnuts. They are not so greasy and with less calories. Yup you read it right, less calories. πŸ™‚ I wanted to draw a japanese doughnut but I have already done that in a previous project. So to make this day exciting I invented my own doughnut and added in vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup.


No, I am not the type of person who inflicts difficulty upon oneself. The idea of this doughnut was already swimming in my mind since yesterday and I thought it would be a challenge for me to execute it in paper and color.

As I have learned from my husband, it is easier to see shadows when you imagine light coming from above your subject. I imagined it coming from slightly on the right side above the doughnut. It helped a lot with putting in the dark and light shadows.

Also this was my first time to use a mix of neutral tint and ivory black for the doughnut’s chocolate syrup. It was a risk as chocolate is never black but always in darker shades of brown. But I wanted to experiment and told myself that if it won’t work then I can just think that my doughnut was dropped on the floor and that a truck went by it and claim it as tire marks.

The strawberry syrup was another obstacle. I struggled with where to place the lighter shades of red and where the darkest will be. I ended up pouring maple syrup on top of wheat bread just to see where the shadows will be and ended up eating it.

There is still much to learn with food illustration and light and shadows. But I am extremely enjoying this month’s progress. Thanks very much to Charlie of DoodlewashΒ for heading this wonderful month of watercolors and to Laura of Create Art EverydayΒ Β for continuously inviting everyone to participate, learn and enjoy and help spread the project’s cause in partnership with The Dreaming Zebra Foundation to bring art materials to children to develop and explore their creativity.

Happy Thursday dear friends!


19 thoughts on “Day 14 for #WorldWatercolorMonth

    • Thank you, Laura! I am glad to be seriously getting the hang of looking at desserts and finding my way through them. At least they do not look so intimidating now. πŸ™‚

  1. Omg! Carrie! Ok I have to be gluten free, for health reasons, I may have to start avoiding your site lol! Honestly I never miss it except when I look at your paintings! They are so real and honestly I’m amazed by your progress this month. Mainly because I kept hearing how maybe you’re not so good, which of course I tell myself the same thing but wow! I hope you never put the paintbrush down because I could practically eat my iPad right now. This is beautiful, you’re doing stunning work! Dont ever stop!

    • Thank you dear Laura. I used to believe in myself big time before and then I let one person ruin everything for me because I thought that that person will uplift me simply because we are best friends. I was so wrong. I was devastated and felt like trash. I am slowly picking up myself now with the help of my wonderful husband and with that so called best friend is now out of my life. And when I make art, I do it solely for my own happiness and approval. I am also amazed at how fast I am learning. My theme for next week’s set of challenges are really difficult but I will do my best. As Yoda said, Do or Do Not. There is no TRY. πŸ˜€

    • thank you so much Debi! πŸ™‚ pushing oneself to improve is so very difficult but i am slowly seeing the progress in my work and how i perceive things around me. everyday since this month started i have been outside of my box…taking in different challenges everyday and encountering obstacles here and there. but i am happy. i realized that i am the only one who can push me out of my box and make a decision to try. these reasons only because i do not want to enroll in online classes yet. the exchange rate is ridiculously so high and as long as i can learn, though slowly and tricks not readily shared, i will plow through.

      • you are so welcome! I’m always happy to share my info with you πŸ™‚
        and I can see the amazing progress of your paintings. as long as you can motivate yourself like you do – you don’t need classes!

        • thank you, Debi! i’ve actually bookmarked a couple of your earlier posts and plan to get back on them after this month when i’ll have more time for reading and absorbing. for now its just so fast tracked. πŸ™‚

          • you’re welcome! and yes, some of my posts are long. my site is kind of a mix of website/blog so I do add some Long info articles in at times πŸ™‚ glad you like them!

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