Day 13 for #WorldWatercolorMonth

Today’s inspiration is a mango cake. 🙂


And what my eyes and playful spirit turned it into….a mango cake that looked liked a banana cake. 😀


Giving myself a pat on the back for doing my best to capture the angles and the shapes of the mangoes and cake itself. I deliberately not use a ruler and the experience though not perfect was so liberating. Small things like that helps me to loosen up and remember to enjoy and be playful.

Yes, be playful. 🙂 It is a first with my journey with watercolors. I never played with anything that involved watercolors because I am afraid to ruin the sketch and start over again. Afraid most that I could not recreate the sketch. Afraid to deviate from the colors as the result may look awkward. Yup, so many things to be afraid of, but today, I am claiming my freedom to play and choose the colors that makes me smile.

From the reference photo, you will clearly see that there were not hints of purple, violet, or lavander. BUT, it is claiming freedom from fear day and I was just too eager to put that mix of winsor violet and mineral violet in there. Did it make the cake more realistic? No. Did it help make the cake look delicious? No. Did it help me see shadows and light source? No. It was just following what my heart said and added a contrast for my mix of cadmium deep yellow and winsor orange. Now my cake not only looked like a banana cake but it has an ube flavor to it too. Hmmm, does that make my version more yummy? 😀 😀 😀


10 thoughts on “Day 13 for #WorldWatercolorMonth

  1. Hahaha… I think the purple did make it look more delicious! I thought those were blueberries when I saw it on IG. Well, we cannot make a masterpiece every day. I screwed up something tonight I still don’t know whether to post it tomorrow LOL! Thanks for sharing the post about ube. Never heard of it and it looks so awesome! So, it could be blueberries, but now I know it can be ube too 😀

    • Ha! So the purple did the trick eh? 😀 But seriously I am with you, we cannot expect ourselves to make masterpieces everyday. Expecting would be so cruel and so unfair for us. We live and learn everyday and most importantly we must enjoy the ride. You should try ube, its fantastic! You’ll definitely enjoy it. 😀

  2. OMG!! Awesome!! Ill be right over to have a piece of that yummy cake! It may take me a few hours though. 🙂 Love your watercolor version. When I am afraid to continue because I don’t want to mess up something I make a copy of it, retrace it, or make another background exactly the same so if I screw it up I have my 2nd one to play with. Way to face your fears!!

    • Oh Jade you are welcome in our home! ❤ Ah so that's the secret, make copies. Hmm that's the problem with me, I am not used to making copies. I draw straight in the watercolor paper and color. No copies. Ack! And if I make mistakes, I try my best to resolve it and thankfully most times I get it right. And on occasions that it won't cooperate, I charge to experience and make another sketch. 🙂 Maybe making copies will make my life easier. 🙂 Thanks!

    • Thank you! My husband pointed out many mistakes from the sketch itself down to where the shadows should have been. It was a learning experience and I am enjoying every minute of it. He told me that it takes time to really get how light hits a subject and figure where shadows fall…dark and light shadows.

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