Day 9 for #WorldWatercolorMonth

Whew! The first week flew by so fast.

Is the excitement still burning? Did you have goals when we started and how are you fairing so far?

As soon as I decided to join in the fun last Friday, the days that followed were all about what I want to achieve and learn. I already know what look and style I want, its just a matter of how I would be able to get there.

Just a recap of my first week, apart from the first day’s entry of my left hand, I made three  nebulas, something I love to do, then there was my Sunday play with the blowing technique and then my never ending love of anything weird and creepy then the result of a great conversation and the most liked rose bud and the experiment with a black and white photo and lastly, the first challenge of the only watercolor book I have. I had a terrific time! 😀

For the second week, I decided to concentrate on food illustrations. The plan had been sitting in my to do list for a long time and if not now, when?

So, for day 9….here is one of my favorite cake


I am still using 5 x 7 canson 200gsm paper and a pan set of winsor and newton and a holbein in mineral violet.

So far I have learned…

  • to be patient – washes had to be dry before adding in another layer. learned this the hard way because i was so stubborn and very very impatient. now i am getting the hang of it….only air dry not use of a hair dryer or heat gun
  • to let loose of being perfect all the time – discovered that with watercolors, i can enjoy the mix of pigment and water and be a witness of the dance they make on paper….totally awesome
  • that i can tilt paper and help water and pigment move – i know, i only i did my homework then i have learned this simple thing a long time ago…yes, never too late to learn something new
  • definitely invest in good quality paper – that is in the bag of things to buy but not as of now
  • with good quality paper is a set of artist grade colors – i have both student grade and artist grade and there really is a huge difference. in my first entry i used a simbalion student grade watercolor pan set and the succeeding paintings other than for day three where i used dr. ph martin hydrus watercolor, i use my winsor and newton pan set. i know, these maybe only practice pieces but i will not be best friends with my colors if i will just store them for bigger pieces.
  • a good brush helps a lot – this is a personal choice and yes, lets use whatever works for us. as for me, i am totally in love with my escoda optimo #6, rembrandt round 0, and silver ultra mini spotter 20/0
  • to give time for practice – i give myself 2-6 hours of art time everyday. i start from the easiest one (self love because its only a 1in x 1in square in my planner/journal) and last would be my world watercolor month pieces
  • to be kind to myself and be be my own cheerer – i used to be my number one critic….seeing all the bad and not so good in an art i did, but i am slowly giving myself a pat on the back whenever i show up and try to create something. validate myself is always on top of mind after every art session. who else will believe me other than myself.
  • to stay patient – learning something new is easy but learning the technicalities that comes with it is the difficult part. the journey is slow, long and very rocky but i signed up for this and that means no complaining. 🙂

Have a great weekend dear friends! Keep the fire burning!





5 thoughts on “Day 9 for #WorldWatercolorMonth

  1. I’m also impatient with watercolour – I think because my art time is so constrained – and that’s why I paint wet in wet so much and don’t do many layers – usually just two, only sometimes three. I would benefit from learning your lessons about patience and drying times. The cake looks richly delicious by the way.

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