Day 8 for #WorldWatercolorMonth

Today’s joyful journey is/was with an amaryllis flower. I chose this flower because it is the flower at the front cover of the  watercolor book I have of Billy Showell. Remember I shared that my husband and I challenged myself to re-create as much as I can flowers from Billy’s book before enrolling in an online class? As this month has been declared watercolor month, it was just right to begin practicing.

Yes, back to the beautiful amaryllis. 🙂

This is my reference photo from the web.


Red amaryllis flower. Hippeastrum hortorum. Amaryllis are known as belladonna lily, Jersey lily, naked lady, Amarillo or, in South Africa, March lily.

And my best version.


There are a lot of things I cannot achieve for now but I am happy with how she turned out. I have practiced control with my use of both pigment and water, taking in consideration that I cannot undo what has been already laid.

This was also the first time that after the first wash, I laid the darkest parts of the flower. A technique I learned from watching you tube videos of Anna Mason.

My patience was tested many times with this flower as with my previous ones. I wanted instant gratification because I am ‘in that moment’ were excitement is building up and I can’t wait to see how it looks. But patience is always the key and today, I dedicated a lot of it for this journey. 🙂

I am learning everyday and really glad that I joined in the fun and supportive community of  #WorldWatercolorMonth.

Wishing you all a happy weekend! If you are celebrating summer, good good for you. Enjoy the sun. Where I’m at, is damp, wet, and raining most of the time. No worries. I can cocoon up in my little art space and enjoy the biggest things in life. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Day 8 for #WorldWatercolorMonth

  1. I think you’ve done a beautiful job with this, Carrie. And not an easy subject! Watercolor fits really well with you. (We have hot and humid here and I’d much prefer cold and rainy so you can feel free to swap with me lol, I should move to England). I look forward to your watercolors daily. You’re making wonderful progress! 💜

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