Day 7 for #WorldWatercolorMonth

Today’s piece is a flower with shades of ivory black, neutral tint and prussian blue . I have a black and white photo of a calla lily and today is a great day to experiment on that.


This is my first time to work mostly in shades of black and the like and it was scary. But I am embracing the challenge this month is presenting with the #WorldWatercolorMonth. I am stretching myself in two disciplines – sketching and coloring and the journey so far has been so fulfilling.

I have already learned a lot in the last six days just by showing up and doing something. I am surprising myself with the pieces I produce whether loved or not. Pieces that I have been putting off because I am afraid to discover that I can’t do it perfectly. But now, after six days, I realized that it is absolutely OKAY not to achieve perfection. There is no watercolor police. No one to tell me that what I did was wrong and a disaster. It is only I who makes the barrier so tall and steep that I myself has a difficulty climbing.

As I have been sharing over and over again, practice makes progress. And today, I  followed what I have been preaching and it feels aaaa-mazing!

Isn’t it wonderful to imagine what this flower will look like in the next six months? Oh my goodness….that feels so exciting!!!:-D ❤



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