Day 6 for #WorldWatercolorMonth

Day 6


This month is really promising to be very very exciting.:-D

When I decided to join #WorldWatercolorMonth about 1-2 days before it began I do not have an idea what to do. I just told myself that maybe I could just repeat some of the projects I did for Self Love 365 but on a bigger scale. Self Love is done on a 1in x 1in square in my planner/journal and the projects for world watercolor month on a 5in x 7in watercolor paper.

And so this new  journey began last Friday and since then my days have not been the same again. Sure I’ve had the ups and downs. Just yesterday I felt sad but fortunately was able to pick myself up later in the day. And that’s because of this new very exciting journey I am a part of. My over the moon happiness from yesterday’s toucan  adventure is continuing on today. I can’t believe it!, but yes, its true and being in the overly happy place is something I am not used to especially with my art.

I am so grateful to Judith of Artistcoveries for sharing this wonderful tutorial about doing trees whose dry brush technique I also used for today’s subject. I used a size 2 round brush this time and it worked wonders!

I am glad I tried sketching and coloring a rose bud today. Its something that has been at my sketch list for a long time. Still, as I am a work in progress with sketching and using watercolors, my work is also in the work in progress category. That is perfectly okay. I am very comfortable with that idea because I get to play some more, learn a lot and hope that one day I’ll be able to get my comfortable art ‘look’ that I dream about.

Have a great day dear friends! Come and have dinner with us!


10 thoughts on “Day 6 for #WorldWatercolorMonth

    • Thank you so much, Laura. I love detail and control but with watercolors I am learning to balance looseness and detail. I thought it was difficult because I am such a control freak but when I let the water do its thing and helping it through tilting…that’s where I saw magic. 🙂

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