Self Love Day 166

Day 166


Sometimes I feel this way for no apparent reason.

Earlier today my expression was the emoticon above. I feel sad for a lot of reasons…mostly for things I cannot control. Letting go is very easy to say but is such a difficult task for me. I remind myself to let go everyday and find myself getting back at it too. We all have issues we can’t let go. I have a lot and sometimes like earlier today, I felt sad.

I hope you are having a great day! Its almost 7pm my side of the world and luckily after a few enchanted hours making art, I feel okay.


2 thoughts on “Self Love Day 166

  1. I think it’s OK to feel sad. Genuine emotional reactions should not be ignored or suppressed. I accept my periods of sadness and know there will be a rebalancing of happiness at some stage.

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