Lucky Indeed

Yesterday I had the opportunity to chat with a great friend and artist Judith of Artistcoveries. Her recent post, For The First Time intrigued me specifically the tree on the right side of the painting. I wanted to learn how to draw and color trees but that adventure was below my learn and practice list.

In our conversation, Judith shared a you tube video tutorial of drawing trees. Since I was feeling down and sad today, I thought of trying my luck with the video and see if I can at least draw a tree.

After watching the video for a couple of times. I prepared my materials and tried. Below is the finished 7×5 watercolor painting.


Judith,the rolling dry brush technique was difficult but I wanted to share with you and everyone else this first piece. Also I don’t have the specified yellow color the tutor had but that’s perfectly okay. I substituted it with winsor yellow.

I finished off the trunk using your painting as inspiration.I hope that was okay with you. 🙂

I must say, though rather late in the day, today was not spent moping. I do not feel sad anymore. I am more than happy and had danced the dance of joy a few times. I’m glad I did not put off watching the video Judith shared. Watching it and trying my luck had been the one of the best decisions I did today.



9 thoughts on “Lucky Indeed

  1. I’m so glad you painted your trees. It seems like you and I have both been battling bouts of sadness and feeling down. I know watercolor has helped me, and I’m glad it’s doing the same for you. I think your trees are lovely…definitely much, much better than the results I got the first few times I watched that video. I didn’t think I’d ever get that particular brush technique to work right, but as I’ve practiced more and more, I’m getting better at it. What I often do is take whatever paint I might have left over after I’ve finished a painting, then grab old watercolor paper and a brush and just practice doing that dry brush technique over and over to use up the paint. Little by little, I’m starting to figure it out now. I love the shading you created on your grove of trees! Very beautiful.

    • Thank you so much, Judith! Thank you again for sharing the video and for the vote of confidence. Its because of friends’ support that I am always confident that I can rely on my ‘wing it’ process. But then practice really does make progress. Laziness is never an excuse. 🙂

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