Day 5 for #WorldWatercolorMonth

And to continue with the topic of conversations, I had one with another great friend and artist Laura of Create art every day. We were chatting about our struggles with watercolor and how this month can present to be so exciting for us. It is #WorldWatercolorMonth after all. Thanks to Charlie of Doodlewash for spearheading this awesome project.

When I started making my first entry for world watercolor month, I promised myself to enjoy, learn and believe that I will get something out of this project. Why? Its because I am already in a lot of groups doing a lot of projects plus my own. How am I coping with all of this awesome madness, I ask myself. Well, I am very late with Journal 52, very very late because of delaying tactics with my own projects and somewhat stressed with the ones I am up to date including this new adventure.

I am not complaining though. I am fortunate to be a stay at home wife with only my husband and our home to take care of. But, I am a slow learner. I have come to realized that a long time ago in nursing school. Also, I have this huge delaying tactics attitude that wants to just look and not practice. Bad combination right?

So when I mentioned it to Laura that I will try and draw and color a toucan for world watercolor month, I never imagined that I will be doing it today. I delay a lot of things most especially if I know I won’t be able to wing it. But I was staring at the toucan reference photo I got from another group since last night, and right after doing the tree tutorial shared by Judith, I immediately jumped in with doing the toucan.

Here she is.


Sorry I can’t share with you the reference photo as it was lovingly shared in a facebook group I am a member of. It was from Cindy Fry photography.

I think my toucan is a bit lazy like me. 😀 She has a big belly and a short bill. But I think she does not mind being lazy, having a big belly and a short bill at the moment. She just wants to greet all of you a happy day and wishes you happiness as you start/end your day.






8 thoughts on “Day 5 for #WorldWatercolorMonth

  1. Carrie, I am so far behind in the Reader and just saw this one! Wow, he is really beautiful, you’ve done a wonderful job with him! He is carrying happiness on his wings! Thanks for the mention too, BTW. ❤ ❤ ❤ You are taming the wc beast!

    • Thank you! I may have to repeat her with a bigger sized paper. Her bill was shortened though from the reference photo it was really short. Maybe I have to find another reference photo with a bigger bill. 🙂 I am over the moon with happiness on this toucan!

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