ICAD 2016, Day 27

Day 27 a quote from Vincent Van Gogh


So how do you silenced the ‘voice’ if it is shouting so loudly?

When that happens to me, I don’t do any art at all. I take the day off and do other things. Most of the time, I re-organize my art supplies then slowly the ‘voice’ becomes just a faint hymn. It is never silenced, only that I learned to go with its flow everyday.


18 thoughts on “ICAD 2016, Day 27

  1. Yes that voice makes me very restless! I get so anxious when I hear that voice. Then I just tell myself that I am who I am and that I need to stop comparing myself to others. Be like the Nike tennis shoes and “Just Do It.” Im always learning and trying to get better. At least Im not letting that voice get to me and I give up. Also, as Dory says from “Finding Nemo”
    “Just Keep Swimming!”

    • Yes, just keep swimming! We are really our worst critics and that voice only emphasizes that. Also, by comparing ourselves to others makes that ‘voice’ voice more louder. We ride our own trains when we want to and how we want to. Rock on Jade! Spread your magical wings!

        • Oh no…tears of joy only my friend. We are in this together. We all have different levels of creativity and comparing ourselves to others will surely kill our light. I hope that you be able to find your comfortable creative place. Who cares if you use the same techniques over and over. That’s how we learn, that’s how we grow. The journey is very very very slow but the reward for every aha moment is always priceless. Keep on creating dear Jade. Don’t let that constant small voice be louder than your own. ❤

          • You are so right!! I need to keep moving forward. Thank you Carrie for your kind words. There are people in my life tearing me down every chance they get. I dont know if its jealousy or not. I do know it is so hard to keep standing up everytime. Then I start my own self doubt and my creativity becomes crippled. I have only 3 people in my life who are supportive of me and 2 of them are family. People I have been friends with for years now tear me down after I told them about my creative endevors. I dont understand it.

            • When I started being crafty years ago, my only cheerer is my mother. When I got married, my cheerers became two – my husband and my mother. When my Mom passed in 2014, I am down to one, only my husband. But a fellow art journaler I met in a facebook group found me here at wordpress. her name is Laura (A Pict in Pa). She has been my sole cheerer in the blog community for so many months and when I was about to close my current blog, I had doubts because Laura was very supportive. Now, I have my husband, Laura, you, another Laura, Judith and a few more bloggers who cheer me on and appreciate what I do. I am already in seventh heaven because of this small group. And where is my family’s support? Well, let me put it this way, they have their own corporate careers and I have my art. No, I am not angry with them nor did I have any ill feelings toward them. They just don’t understand how happy I am when I create. I stopped understanding their reaction to my art because whatever reactions they throw at me, I will still continue to do art because it makes me happy and sane.

              • Tell Laura in PA a huge thank you from me!! I love your blog!! Whenever I get down, I go to your blog and I can conquer the world again. Without our little blog community, I would be very alone. Thank you for your support. Im here if you need a pick me up.

            • You are most welcome. 🙂 And just a piece from my heart – Do not try….do it. You love creating and love sharing. Close your eyes to the ‘like’ button especially in facebook. That ‘like’ button can make or break an artist if he/she so permits it. Make art for yourself my dear. For your happiness.

  2. I’ve always liked this quotation. Just a few years ago, I absolutely believed I couldn’t paint. I would tell people I could draw but couldn’t paint. Then I gave it a go and I’m slowly getting better. Now I think I can paint a bit. Progress.

  3. Easy! I never thought I could paint in the first place. I just slap paint on paper and think of it as color therapy for myself. If someone thinks it’s paining, all the better :D.

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