Day 4 for #WorldWatercolorMonth

Today I was in the mood  for a  challenge.:-) I’ve had a downloaded photo of a cheshire cat in my tablet for the longest time. I initially wanted to use the photo for a colored pencil painting but never got to do it.

And since I am learning how to draw and use watercolors, I thought that maybe just maybe I will be able to wing it.

Day 4 cheshire cat in 5×7 canson 200gsm painted using winsor and newton


This is my first animal painting (though fictional) and I am quite happy with the result. Knowing me, I should be overly happy but I’m not. The critic in me is out sitting on my shoulder now and telling me I should have done my homework.

As a watercolor enthusiast, frankly speaking, I do not do my ‘assignments’ at all. I am a lousy learner. I always play it by ear and wing those things I think I can and add things ad libitum. That is always the method I do my work.

Most times it works and other times it does not and it frustrates me. Then comes the next project and I go over the same ride. I am a lazy student. Lazy enough not to do homework but very much willing to participate in a discussion. Right, what an ugly combination.

The month is still young. I do not promise to do my homework everyday but I will read on it, digest it and hopefully be able to put the right formula on paper. My cheshire cat has a big potential for improvement and I will do just that.

Good luck to everyone participating at #WorldWatercolorMonth started by Charlie from Doodlewash  May we achieve our goals, learn from and cheer one another.



16 thoughts on “Day 4 for #WorldWatercolorMonth

  1. I love, love, LOVE this painting! The Cheshire Cat is a great character and this is a great illustration of him. You’ve used the watercolour very effectively to create that sense of dreamy, cloudy, fur ready to drift off and disappear at any moment and I love the vivid colours. Brilliant!

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