ICAD 2016, Day 25

Day 25 – a quote from Bruce Garrabrandt


Yes! Yes! Yes! I bet you have had a lot of days when you don’t like to do any art at all. I  also have days like that. But even with that feeling, have you ever just sat down in your work station and stare at some of your work, read a book, look at an unfinished work…and boom! ideas come pouring in and you are right away itching to do something…..anything just to satisfy that craving of creating? Yes, I know the feeling too. 🙂 🙂 🙂 And most times I give in to that and amaze myself to a work I have no clue how I was able to come up with. Its such a wonderful feeling of being whole. That magical moment does not come often but when it does I hope we all aware that it is there knocking and urging us to play. 🙂



6 thoughts on “ICAD 2016, Day 25

  1. Great quotation. I’m never in short supply of inspiration or ideas. I have ideas for at least half a dozen series alone in my head and then there’s countless ideas for standalone paintings and drawings and Lino prints. There are times when my creative mojo disappears but that’s usually because I’m tired or distracted or too stressed rather than me not having the creative spark. And, as always, its time that’s my enemy rather than inspiration.

    • Isn’t that great! Creativity is really like an endless well. And time….that’s our worst enemy….sometimes I wish that time would stand still so I can finish a project and do another one in one sitting.

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