The Little Things that Matter – #17 – Butterflies in my Heart

I am happy and my heart sings with joy.

  • Because I’ve had the courage to participate in a recent exercise shared by Judith of Artistcoveries. It’s not always that I let myself be exposed to something so new to me and share the outcome right away. As a perfectionist, I tend to make experiments on my own first and filter what I share. But there was something about Judith and the way our online friendship is blossoming that made me decide to do the exercise. Though doing the exercise I felt stressed out (and that is expected) I had learned a lot. Letting myself do the exercise helped my mind  see what my eyes can’t see. It was difficult as my mind is not trained to ‘see’ that way. My heart to be open to things I cannot control (how can you control the outcome of an ink dropped from a brush to a sheet of paper with water?) And the eagerness to let my imagination explore and see what is beyond a formed image from a dropped ink. Maybe I could summarize it as,  as though I am tasting a new ice cream flavor for the first time….giddy with excitement. 🙂
  • Because I took the day off yesterday not for ‘me’ time but quality time with my cousin in law and her two boys. We went to see three malls….we ate krispy kreme doughnuts, we went to see the new booth of caran d’ache in our local bookstore (they launched selected caran d’ache products last Saturday and I can’t wait to save up for my neocolours! woot!), we went to get the boys new sweaters, we even met another cousin and who joined us for dinner. We were laughing, chatting, running around the mall, getting gumballs from every gumball machine…..we had perfect fun!:-D
  • Because I will be participating at World Watercolor Month  over at Doodlewash whom I learned from another great friend Laura of Create Art Everyday. And yes, today in my side of the world is July 1. I made something so easy and close to my heart. Stay tuned. 🙂
  • Because everyday from the first few days I was blogging, Laura of A Pict in Pa found me and has cheered me on endlessly in all my endeavors, learning moments, happy accidents, and family life journeys. Laura, I will not tire of saying this….I am forever grateful for all your support. You have been the sole reason why I did not shutdown my blog when I was at the verge of doing it. Maraming Salamat! (Thank you very much in Filipino).

These things maybe small in other people’s eyes but to me, these are gigantic expressions of love, family, togetherness and friendships that transcend time and location. I am whole. I am happy.



9 thoughts on “The Little Things that Matter – #17 – Butterflies in my Heart

      • Thanks, Carrie. I began my journey because I couldn’t draw a simple bird silhouette. And finally I just dug in my heels and kept drawing until I could. Starting with birds, they come the easiest to me. A huge help was John Muir Laws book. I think it’s called How to Draw Birds or something very close but he only has a few books and you should be able to find it at Amazon. Let me know if you can’t. It was a huge help. He is a really good teacher and has lots of YouTubes also which are of course free to watch. Some of them are very long, he is quite generous. And not bad to look at either lol! So if you’re really into birds, that’s the best tip I can give you. Let me know if I can do anything else to help. I get so frustrated when I want to be able to do something so badly, but can’t. Unfortunately watercolor is my Achilles heel so this month is a challenge. hehe. Always enjoy your posts and our chats. 💜

        • Aww Laura, thank you for sharing. I will definitely look into amazon for the book and his you tube videos. I’m still learning how to draw flowers but I am also intrigued with drawing birds, the simple ones only. 🙂 I promised myself I will do a toucan bird for the WWM…I’m excited but scared at the same time.

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