Colour Me Positive – Week 26 – Celebrate

There are a lot to celebrate in my side of the world. First, was the Presidential inauguration of our new President yesterday. From being a city mayor to the presidential seat. It was a big leap but many believe he can stir our country to new heights and new developments. I pray that in the six years that he will be occupying the highest position, he will be supported in all his projects, his ideas be welcomed by everyone and that his international relations with other countries help prosper our country more.

Second, was making an impromptu decision of taking time off from art and home chores yesterday. It was a big move for someone like me who wakes up and sleeps with a schedule in mind. Yesterday’s spontaneous decision was one of the best things I did this week.

Third, was experimenting on my page for Colour Me Positive for this week. I started the bold colored grid-like background last week even before the prompt was out. Something I do not do. When the prompt came out last Friday, I was at a lost of how to tackle the inspirational quote from Oprah. Then I remembered I had a mini owl stamp I have not used in a long time. I stamped the image and colored it with student grade watercolor, that was last Tuesday. Then as my go to form of lettering…I used a mini alphabet stamp and made the words out of white scrap watercolor paper, that was last Wednesday. This morning I decided to circularly cut the paper where the colored owl was and made that the focal point of my page with the words circling around it like beams from the sun. One page done for most of the week, something I do not do too. But something I might consider doing again….I did not feel hurried at all, putting small pieces together to make the bigger picture was stress free, finishing it in time for the next prompt did not pose any problem at all.


So, yes, its time to celebrate these firsts of many more to come!


4 thoughts on “Colour Me Positive – Week 26 – Celebrate

  1. I love the way you’ve juxtaposed all the shapes in this page. I also really love the text spokes surrounding the owl. It’s so colorful and cheerful and definitely celebratory.

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