An Exercise with Paper, Water and Ink

Five days ago Judith of Artistcoveries  shared this article with a very interesting video. I promised Judith I will try  and play along and hopefully can make something out of it. 🙂

Last Saturday I have been with a stack of 5×7 watercolor papers, a bottle of water, a bottle of sumi ink (I’m used my calligraphy ink instead of india ink) and a small round brush. After watching the video for the nth time, I thought it will be easy for me to ‘see’.

Unfortunately, out of the 25 watercolor papers I’ve prepared for this exercise, I settled for only one image. Yes, only one. I was stressed to say the least. I was forcing my brain to ‘see’ something and I could not for the life of me see anything other than the ink spreading around the pre watered paper.

I was telling myself to stop even before I consumed the set of papers. I was telling myself to just message Judith and tell her, I failed the exercise. That I will just go back at it again when I do not feel stressed anymore. But there was a very faint voice telling me to take a picture of what I made. Be happy that I did ‘saw’ something. Celebrate the flops for they are flopportunities I encountered and had learned from. So, without further introduction, here is my ‘spring onion’.


When I showed my husband this picture, he asked me what was it and I told him it was an onion with its roots. He hugged me and told me that it looked like the country of Sokovia flying in air in the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron. My heart sank at first but then I told him that I think his version was better than my onion. 🙂

So, my dear friends, what do you see? 🙂



17 thoughts on “An Exercise with Paper, Water and Ink

  1. what I saw… was a most wonderful, freely used, creativity. Imagination unhindered by the ‘rules’ and ‘laws’ of you must or it has to be. Do NOT Lose this!!!
    I. Loved. Your. Onion! (More please 🙂

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