Self Love Day 154

Day 154


What are your life’s game changer/s?

I have absolutely a lot of game changers in my life, foremost of which was when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2007, barely a year when my Father passed of cancer too.

These challenges I call game changers can either break or improve us. I am grateful that my game changers were all for the better. Yes, even sickness.

Many will ask, what is there to look forward to in times of illness and disease? There are a lot, life, comfort, blessings, forgiveness, family, love, acceptance to name a few.

We all go through life’s game changers with different mindsets. I hope whatever game we are into right now, we find peace, healing, acceptance and unending love.

Sending you warm hugs and blessing from Manila! ❤


8 thoughts on “Self Love Day 154

  1. Oh yeah… I had a lot of those: living through a war, leaving my country, immigrating to another country, ending a ten year long relationship, learning to rely on myself and myself alone, letting go of dreams that don’t serve me… Many big things that are really really hard when they come upon you, but that change your life forever and make you another person. Hopefully better one 🙂

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