Self Love Day 153

Day 153


For me hard times is how we interpret and respond to life’s curve balls. If we see it as negative then it will surely attract the negative force but if we see it as an opportunity for something we can learn from, then we will attract that positive force.

Did you notice the heart I added in my 1 in x 1 in word drawing? I hope you did. Its my way of telling everyone that we can all get through the difficulties of life. If we keep a positive attitude, and an open mind and heart, we will be able to get through life’s challenges.

Think positive. Be reasonable. Be happy.


8 thoughts on “Self Love Day 153

  1. I’ve been through enough terrible experiences in life to know that it’s possible to get through it even when there is no glimpse of a light at the end of the tunnel and even if there is no prospect of complete healing. I just accept what happens as part of my life and who I am and embrace life enough to plough forwards.

  2. Yes, I saw the heart at once, and your words are so true. Sometimes situations seem negative, and it’s easy to let them get us down. If we look, though, we can see the opportunities those situations are offering us. They can be steps toward significant change — and progress — in many areas of our life.

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