ICAD 2016, Day 14

Day 14 – a quote from Sonia Teclai


Have you tried imitating someone’s artwork? Did it work for you? Was it easy?

A few weeks ago at Journal 52, we had a prompt about copying. I chose to copy one of Sarah Trumpp’s work.  Tough was an understatement to describe how I went through that week’s prompt. But I survived because I deviated a bit from the instructions and put in a little of myself just so I can finish it and be content at the outcome.

Today’s index card quote sums up what I went through that project. I can mimic, yes, most definitely, but I cannot recreate the creativity process Sarah went through. That was why I deviated and created my own just so I can enjoy and learn from the experience.


3 thoughts on “ICAD 2016, Day 14

  1. I agree with you. I also find it critical to put my own spin on things and make an art lesson fit me. I like to learn new techniques and approaches and ideas from others but I want the creativity to ultimately be my own.

  2. You did a beautiful job – I like yours better because it has you in it, Carrie. We are all unique. I do find it hard to try and copy someone else’s work. I was doing some da Vinci drawings early this year and at other times. It gives you cold chills to try and walk in their pencil strokes, so to speak, but what a learning experience. So it’s useful, but we have to find our own way, I think, as you say.

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