Self Love Day 151

Day 151


I am intrigued to know what your priorities for this week are. I hope you’ll share them with me. 🙂

Mine are:

  • personal: help my sunburned skin transition back to normal. everything hurts a lot even as i am typing…..ouch!, include more vegetables and fish in my diet this week…i ate a lot of meat last week, sleep early….2am is already early and an accomplishment if done. 🙂
  • my art: finish one watercolor painting, prepare cards for icad, clean and organize my work area 🙂

Mine looks like a to – do list but its what I am focusing this week so….let the games begin. 🙂

Happy Monday everyone! Belated Happy Father’s Day to your husbands! I hope you are all enjoying your day.


6 thoughts on “Self Love Day 151

  1. My priority for this week is to establish a school break routine with the kids that accommodates all of our needs and wishes as best as possible. Day one and it is not going too well.

    • I bet your home feels ‘full’ right now with the kids on vacation. I hope you will get into your summer routine in no time. Will you be doing a summer project with the kids this year?

      • We are working on a very loose summer project this year. There is no focused theme and it certainly has less educational merit but at least it gives our days some structure, routine and focus. We are just doing a “pot luck’ of assorted activities each day. I will be posting about some of them on the blog.

  2. Hahaha… sorry about your burns but had to laugh. Just read your post about the beach and was thinking hiw I would burn if I spent the whole day there. Anyway my priorities… I have to finish writing a case study for my school. Then I need to try and not eat sweets (eternal struggle). and then I need to do some art every day. Today I managed only the last one 😁

    • Haha…the burns are itchy and still painful….but I’d go to the beach again and burn just the same 😀 I hope you finish your case study….those things take much time I think. And know that you are not alone with the sweets thing. Yey for art everyday….if that’s the only thing you did, still a great accomplishment. Woot!

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