Impossible Dream

I’m a bit late but still on the running for the weekly Journal 52 prompts. 😀 I followed  Effy’s week 16 prompt.


Its a simple page but I love it. Playing with acrylic paint is always a joy to do. 🙂

Before April 2014, I do not have any clue about what mixed media is and the wonderful community it has. Then a dear friend introduced me to Documented Life Project 2014 and my creative life began to spin like crazy. Looking at the pages of the awesome ladies of the Art to the 5th and those within the group, I told myself it is impossible to learn the stuff they create. Still, I learned through watching videos at you tube, by asking and by experimenting and eventually in the later part of Documented Life Project 2015, I came to a point where I found my creative comfort and was happily doing the happy dance. 😀

Now I have a set of creative dreams that are still in the impossible category but through perseverance and hard work, I will get there no matter how long it takes. 🙂


P.S. Apologies but I am having a tug of war with the hyperlink button today and could not provide the link to the italicized words. I hope to figure a solution soon.


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