Self Love Day 147

Day 147


Will you go up or down or stay where you are? Wherever we are in right now in our relationships, home situations, careers, projects, things to do before we reach 50, 60, 75 or 80, remember that we have the choice to move backward or forward or just stay put.

Moving backwards is not a bad thing. Every now and then we really have to take a few steps back to assess our present situation, to see the bigger picture so we can make the right decision. It could also be to lessen the burden of stress, to take things one at a time. Sometimes it also means turning down opportunities that can change us as a person or a friendship that is already toxic or a hobby that is not making us happy anymore. On the other hand, moving forward has its own pros and cons too so as staying where we are.

Just remember to stay true to yourself when you make a decision. Consider the counsel of others but trust your heart.


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