Self Love Day 146

Day 146


We are always free to make our choice/s but never free of the consequences that comes with it. Sometimes its as simple as do we remove our shoes when we enter our homes or not and mop the floor instead or it could be as complicated as do we move to another town/country for a high paying job or not and stick to the present one and improve our performance.

Saying yes or no to someone or something is never easy. There are consequences and these consequences are sometimes not in our favor. But as human beings we try our best to make the reasonable choice/s with our current situation.

I hope that today will be smooth for all of us. That we will not be faced to make a decision we are not ready to do so. That whatever choices we make will help us, nurture us, and strengthen us.



4 thoughts on “Self Love Day 146

  1. I was just talking to my kids about this very subject, funnily enough. I was trying to emphasize the importance of not making decisions, especially big ones, in a vacuum, that context helps predict the possible consequences. It stemmed from them observing me write a list of pros and cons but I used it as a teaching moment about the importance of research and experience.

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