Self Love Day 144

Day 144


Are you a morning or a night person?

I’m a little bit of both. 🙂 I mostly organize my art space in the morning together with other home chores. After lunch is my computer time. I correspond to friends here and abroad and make art. In the later part of the afternoon I post my work here or at the corresponding facebook group where it belongs. After dinner, if I am still up to it, I start another project and add something in my current work. I don’t sleep early but I go to bed when my husband does. My relax time, I guess. I watch television a lot at this hours, with my husband sleeping beside me and at the same time take down notes in my small idea book I carry around all the time. Before I know it, it is already 2 or 3 am and its time to call the day done.


5 thoughts on “Self Love Day 144

  1. My natural biorhythms are to be a morning person. That is when I am most productive and efficient and when I am most energised. Late afternoon is when I am most sluggish. I remember when I was teaching, those last lessons of the day were always the ones where I really needed to concentrate the most. Since becoming a parent, however, I have burned the candle at both ends. It is born out of a determination to have some time for myself and some time as a proper grown up with adult company once my husband is home and the kids are in bed.

    • Swinging through the morning up to late at night is just necessary I think if we want to give everyone in our lives time and our complete attention. That for now is perfectly all right.

  2. We get up very early, so the morning is my time. I come into my art room, respond to blog comments, and think about the projects I’ll be doing that day. When noon comes, I more or less shut down my art studio. That’s when I fix dinner, and after my husband gets home from work, I spend time with him. We have dinner, listen to the ball game, check the garden, and piddle around the house. On some evenings, I’ll do a little painting, too. I’m like you. I go to bed with my husband even though I’m not ready to fall asleep. That’s my reading and relaxing time. I play a bit of “Monster Bash” as often as not. It’s one of those silly games, but I enjoy it.

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