Self Love Day 142 and 143

Day 142


Its so easy to say to detach ourselves from worry but I know this is a difficult thing to do. Detaching ourselves from worry takes time. I only hope that we try our best to do so. Worry will only snatch happiness and joy from us. Lets not let worry be the boss of us.

Day 143


Most often we need change in our lives. Change in environment, change in lifestyle, change of attitude, change of mind set. There is nothing constant in this world we live in. Everything changes. It is our choice to find reasons for change or not.

I hope you had a great weekend and ready for another happy, fun, creative week ahead. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Self Love Day 142 and 143

  1. It’s interesting that you have the topics of worry and change side by side because those are things that my control freak self finds difficult to manage. I over-think possibilities which means prospective change can generate a lot of anxiety. Ultimately, therefore, I have to give up worry and just make a leap of faith to make any big change in my life.

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