ICAD 2016, Days 4 to 6

Day 4 – a quote from Albert Einstein


Day 5 – a quote from Dorothy Parker


Day 6 – a quote from Dee Hock


This is the first time I am doing my own theme and I am loving it. The repetitive use of the same materials is so relaxing and meditative. I’m glad I joined ICAD again this year.


14 thoughts on “ICAD 2016, Days 4 to 6

  1. I am really enjoying reading all the quotations on the theme of creativity. I’m sure these cards will serve as little creative pick-me-ups in future. I also like the repetition of materials and style because it creates cohesion in the project. They will all combine to form something akin to a deck of cards.

    • You got it right, Laura! Yes, these cards will be my pick me ups when those days of doubt, uncertainty and lack of inspiration comes. I’m glad I chose creativity as my theme.

  2. You know I’m just learning…so are you doing the lettering yourself? How do you do the lettering/boxes and keep the words from getting covered with the background design? Inquiring minds want to know! πŸ™‚

    • I do the background first then I use up the scraps from my watercolor paper and measure 1/8 inches and cut the strips. I have a mini alphabet stamp that I use for the letters/words and a few colors of stamp pads. I use double sided tape to adhere the words to the background index card.

      • Oh, thank you for sharing the process! In looking at the cards, it’s impossible to tell that the words are taped on. On my next trip to a craft shop, I’m going to look at stamps and inks. Mixed media is fascinating, but it’s all so overwhelming to me.

          • I just don’t understand how some ICADians get so many things and so much detail on a single index card. I know some are using 4 x 6 instead of 3 x 5, but still…maybe by the end of the project I’ll get a little better at creating this little things.

            • Maybe because many of them loves to experiment on different materials in one canvas, the index card. I did that too when I started in 2014 and found the materials I am most comfortable playing with.

                  • Right. It’s frustrating to see all the beautiful cards everyone else creates and then post one of my little “nothing” cards LOL. But every card gives me another opportunity to flex creative muscles.

                    • Ha! There is nothing in the cards that you do. You gave time for it, created something on it and will definitely preserve it for future use or put it in an album as a reminder of your first icad journey. πŸ™‚ Yes every card is an opportunity to gain experience.

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