ICAD 2016

I first joined Index-Card-A Day, ICAD in 2014 when I was still a newbie in the mixed media community. I learned about ICAD and its host Tammy Garcia of Daisy Yellow  from a fellow Documented Life Project 2014 member, Paula Jeffrey. Paula encouraged me to try doing ICAD and see where the project will take me.

I eventually joined and enjoyed doing the daily prompts and weekly themes everyday. The practice of doing art everyday helped a lot in my healing process during those trying times. I was so grateful to be participating and meeting a lot of beautiful souls. When the project ended after 61 days, I have already developed a daily art practice routine that I continued on doing other projects on my own and experimented on a lot of things. Then there came Face-ing Your Fears at facebook, and my daily art routine was again filled up to the brim.

Then in 2015, life took over and I had other plans, and joining ICAD 2015 unfortunately was not in my to do list. Fast forward to this year, well, ICAD 2016 again was not in the list but something sparked when again, Paula posted a reminder in her timeline that June is already here and ICAD was about to begin. Her post got me thinking, why not join in the fun again, why not relieve the times I was experimenting and enjoying doing this and that, why not?

Yes, I am joining! And this time I will be off theme and off daily prompt. I wanted to reminisce the time I only had few materials – 3×5 inches index cards, stencils, triplus pens, a koi water color field box, a charcoal pencil, craft acrylic paints, and mini alphabet stamps.

Everyday I will be sharing with you a quote about CreAtIviTy from wonderful people.

ICAD 2016: Day 1


Oopps! I just have to add that stabilo all black pencil a friend generously shared from her big amazon box and had graciously sent it to KL just for me. 🙂

I hope you are enjoying your daily art projects and moving forward with your work in progress pieces. 🙂


14 thoughts on “ICAD 2016

  1. I love this. Are you in the Facebook group? I’m getting ready to head to my art supplies and finish my card for today. I’m looking forward to seeing yours each day.

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