The Little Things that Matter – #15 – Connections

I am not waiting until the Christmas season or the coming New Year to celebrate my cherished and new connections I am enjoying here at the word press community. 🙂

Thank you for making my everyday beautiful, meaningful and inspiring ladies. Everyone of you has touched my heart in ways I could ever imagined. Thank you for your support and love!

Laura of A Pict in PA

Pauline of The Contented Crafter

Anne of Tenukihandcrafts Visual Arts

Deb of In Art Therapy

Melanie of The Fearless Artist

Somber Scribbler

Cheryle Bannon

Lin of Breathing Space

Nenny of Nenny’s Corner

Tabitha Beck of Welcome To My Side of The Mirror

Rochelle of Rockmelon Recycled

Elizabeth Tichvon of Pink Soul Studios

Larisa of Lucy’s Coloring Book

Mixy of ephemeral gecko

Jill 0f jill millward artwork

Jill Kuhn of Jill’s Art Journal

Laura of Create art every day

Jade Sutton of Jade Sutton Art

Judith of artistcoveries

Liz of Ramblings

May we continue to share, help, guide, inspire and connect. Rock on dear fairies! Cheers!


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