Colour Me Positive – Week 23 – Opportunity

Below is this week’s inspiring quote from Colour Me Positive.


And my take on the prompt.


When I made this piece I had two goals, (1) to make a page which has a sense of tranquility, and (2) to use very few materials. I ended up using only, white gesso, brown from the koi water color pocket box, a tcw stencil and fluoro yellow acrylic paint, plus my usual alpha stamps, stamp pad and spare white papers for the quote and a black pen to make the words pop.

I learned using watercolor + stencil + acrylic paint when I was playing with them in 2014. I learned that the Koi water colors are chalk like and when rubbed with a make up sponge with acrylic paint over a stencil, it gives off a great effect. Its such a delight to back to the ‘basics’ once in a white. It never goes out of style and it surely is a great jumping off point for any mixed media piece.





11 thoughts on “Colour Me Positive – Week 23 – Opportunity

  1. I’m going to start learning a little more about stencils and stamps…and all those fun things. I’ve been asking myself what new directions I’ll go in my 2nd year as “an artist”, and I keep finding lots of new ideas.Keep ’em coming!

    • I am going to hug you so tightly Judith!!! I love that you are acknowledging that you are an artist! Woot! I considered myself an artist way before I went into mixed media (it started on my scrapbooking days) in 2003. I still have a long way to go, but I am an artist like you! Woot!

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