Self Love Day 132

Day 132


I hope you give time to exercise daily. An hours exercise is only 4% of our 24 hours. When I turned 45 last year, I opted to do brisk walking instead of running. Brisk walking for 1.5 hours with a pace of 10.30 to 11 burns 310 calories, about 2 orders of hot cafe latte non fat milk tall with one brown sugar from Starbucks, or 9 pieces of flat tops chocolate or  3 pieces of wheat bread from gardenia.

Don’t forget to exercise. Its a gift you give yourself everyday!


2 thoughts on “Self Love Day 132

  1. I am actually trying to increase my exercise. I walk a lot, at least an hour a day even on my laziest days, but I think I am so used to walking that it doesn’t really have much impact on my health. I, therefore, need to kick my exercise levels up a notch or several. We have an elliptical so I am trying to use that daily rather than just a couple of times a week and I also want to get back in the habit of using the Wii Fit for aerobic exercises and yoga. The latter should work well for me over summer break as the kids enjoy watching my little avatar running around on the screen and they sometimes join in with me.

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