Leaf Study

Sharing another warm up study before I fully embark on my watercolor flower portrait studies from Billy Showell’s book.

I downloaded the image from a facebook group, Photos for Artists where I am a member.

The photo was from Janet Herman. Thank you Janet!


And my version in watercolor.


It was an ambitious move to try drawing and coloring Janet’s beautiful leaf but I will not learn if I will just stay in my comfort zone. My painting lack in color depth and brightness and as of now I do not know how to repair it or move on from here. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them with me. 🙂 I’d love to hear them. 🙂




12 thoughts on “Leaf Study

  1. I think your painting is delightful. Sure, it doesn’t have the vivid punchy colours of the photographic image but I don’t get the impression you are striving for photorealism in your art work. However, if you do want your watercolours to be more bold, try layering them with subsequent washes.

  2. Gorgeous photo and difficult subject, Carrie, it’s nice you went for it. I think you’ve made a good start, maybe it just needs more glazing in those deep red and orange areas to brighten and deepen the colors a bit? Neocolors would be great for this too, maybe some colored pencils for depth too but not sure if you may want to stick just to watercolor. I’m thinking cadmium red and yellow in mixtures to glaze overtop. My .02.

    • Oh thank you for the advise, Laura. I really want to stick to watercolors and see where the journey will lead me. I will put cadmium red in my list of colors to buy. 🙂

  3. How pretty! The photo is gorgeous, and you’ve done a very good job of getting the shapes just right. We do need to step out of our comfort zone to improve as artists. That’s part of the learning process. It’s nice when we can do that and also achieve good results, as you’ve done. I wish I knew how to get brighter colors, too, but I think it’s just part of the properties in watercolor. If we use transparent colors, they’re always going to appear light on white paper…I think. I’ll be reading other responses for more info from those who really know.

    • Thank you! I am always afraid to start a new thing but my heart always tells me I only have one lifetime, why not try and see for myself. The heart always knows. 🙂 Agree with transparent colors. I have not used gouache in my paintings yet. Maybe they will help. I don’t know.

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