ICAD 2016, Day 22

Day 22 a quote from Cecil Demille


So true! ❤ ❤ ❤

I’m Carrie Lynn and I’m an addict! 😀



Self Love Day 160

Day 160


What new beginnings are you into right now?

Starting another chapter in our lives, career, hobby is always a good thing. Beginnings are always something to look forward to and cherished. Without beginnings there will never be endings (good or bad).

There are a lot of reasons why we start – again or otherwise but always with only one purpose, to learn. My heart goes out to people who stumble and try their best to begin again. Starting anew is never easy. It is always coupled with apprehension, uncertainty and doubt. Yet even with these adversities, we still welcome beginnings.

I wish you peace of mind and heart as you embark on a new beginning. May you be able to withstand the trials and difficult decisions a new beginning entails. Big hugs my dear friends!

Lettering Wednesday – June 29

Sharing today’s lettering practice pieces.


I still have a love/hate relationship using the water brush. I guess it will be a perpetual trial and error journey. With that said, I decided not to include the brush lettering practice piece starting next month. I will still practice but won’t post anymore for the meantime. Maybe when I feel I have advanced in another level maybe then I could resume sharing.


This piece was  decorated and written with dylusions ink spray in london blue. 🙂


Written with sumi ink.

This week also concludes my wonderful journey with the oblique holder, the nikko nib and the water brush. 🙂 Next month I will be practicing with a straight holder, the joseph gillott 303 extra fine nib and the sumi ink.