Self Love Day 125

Day 125


Today, I want to celebrate a simple activity my husband and I do often. 🙂 When he arrives from work at night, we usually do our walking dates. Why walking dates?

Its because coming from a big family and living in a compound with three other homes plus my own brother, we are seldom alone in our part of the home. We would always have my brother or a cousin, a nephew or a niece around. Not that we do not like company, we do actually, we love having people around to talk, share anything or just for the company. And this is not an extraordinary thing to me, I’ve lived most of my life in a compound, surrounded by people who love me.

So yes, walking dates. 🙂 We treat our walking exercise as dates to force us to do it as often as we can. Its our time alone, away from the home for a couple of hours. We walk around the village we live in, only 3.3 kms for one round of the whole village. Two rounds of it plus a few more steps will yield 7 kms of exercise, bonding time, talk time and sometimes decision making times. Its a fun activity and a good one for the heart.


9 thoughts on “Self Love Day 125

  1. That’s a great idea. My husband and I used to go for long walks when it was just the two of us, walking at pace, looking at the scenery, chatting. We go for long walks with the kids now too but obviously at a slower pace for smaller legs and with pauses to allow tree climbing and such like to happen. Maybe when we are empty nesters we will be going on long walks together again.

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