Lettering Wednesday

Maybe you have probably notice that I dropped the ‘brush’ in my usual title every Wednesdays. Its because I am including another form of writing in my brush lettering journey.

Last week, I gifted myself a simple calligraphy writing set  plus other writing essentials I ordered online from a local craft store (Craft Central). I have been eyeing their simple set for weeks now and was glad I finally ordered and spent my ‘me’ time practicing to my heart’s delight.

Also I stumbled upon this lovely blog Sweet Blessings where Shannon shares writing plans every month. I will be using her assigned scripture for every Wednesday of the month and writing them using a dip pen. I will also use the same dip pen to for some of my favorite quotes and of course I will continue writing using a water brush with some of my favorite bible verses.

I wrote these verses and quote last Sunday and was excitedly waiting for today to share it with all of you.


pentel aquash brush fine, copy paper, sumi ink


speedball oblique pen holder with nikko 360 nib, maruman reportpad A5, walnut ink


speedball oblique pen holder with nikko 360 nib, maruman report pad A5, black sumi ink

I am filled with so much positivity with this additional journey. Writing for the first time with a dip pen made me feel like I was in another time zone. It felt organic, natural and so satisfying. The activity took me to the days when I was in grade school at Saint Paul’s trying my best to write the ‘Paulinian way’which is more like copperplate calligraphy. I had a difficult time back then but I never forgot how it was done because we were encouraged to write that way until grade 12. And now that I just took a plunge into the calligraphy world together with the brush lettering journey, I know I have a lot on my plate but I don’t mind. I love going through different journeys and learning a few of each of them everyday.



8 thoughts on “Lettering Wednesday

  1. Gosh, Carrie, you’re making wonderful progress! The quote in the middle is one of my very favorites and it’s exquisite! They all look really nice, but that second one is just beautifully done! Thank you for sharing. There is so much promise in your work. Love it. 💜

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