Self Love Day 123

Day 123


Today is a great day to celebrate our weekend coffee dates. 🙂

I am not really a coffee drinker. I love the taste of coffee but don’t like the effects it has on me. I was never fond of going to coffee shops, if there was anything I like, I’d get it to go.  Last year, out of the blue, my husband invited me to Starbucks. He had to get his coffee fix that afternoon and I was glad to tag along. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the experience and their cafe latte and cinnamon danish and from then on, coffee dates on weekends is a must. Now, I am very comfortable lounging in these coffee shops  enjoying my coffee, my dessert, some art time, people watching and our ‘comfortable silence’.

How about you? Do you have weekend routines? I’d love to hear them. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Self Love Day 123

  1. Yes. Every second Saturday me and my mother go to the organic market and on the way back stop at a cafe called Bagatellini and have the best late in town 😀. I love our coffee ritual, but I have to admit that coffee sometimes make me shaky so I mostly avoid it. Every second Saturday is ok though!

  2. What a delightful wee drawing to capture your tradition. Our weekends are all about quality family time. Since my husband works away most of the week, it’s important to do things as a family on the weekends.

  3. Our weekends are always different. It would be nice to have a more “regular routine”, especially one that sets aside a special quiet time. Your weekend coffee dates sound delightful.

    • Different weekend activities are wonderful. Sometimes we also intentionally plan for a more adventurous weekend to spice up our routine. Though wee always look forward to the routine. 🙂

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