Orchid Buds v.2

Sharing another watercolor painting study. The inspiration for this was used with permission from Catherine of @catherinebythesea.




Materials: Watercolor: W&N and Holbein / Paper: Daler Rowney aquarelle / Size: 5 inches x 7 inches

I did struggle on both sketch and color layering. But that is perfectly okay. The skill will improve through constant practice and attention to detail. This journey with learning botanical drawing and coloring with watercolors is proving to be very exciting. Though I already know that the process will not be easy and I will be frustrated, I am positive that I will improve and learn a lot. On top of the things to be learned is developing patience. Being patient is not one of my strong points but definitely with this journey, I will surely learn how practice patience.

Wish me luck dear friends. I hope to keep my perfectionist self at bay and my appreciative self in front. Exciting times ahead! Hugs! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Orchid Buds v.2

  1. I think you are doing really very well with this project. I have no aptitude for botanical drawing or painting at all. You’ve captured the shapes and colours well. I like the circular composition.

  2. Patience is indeed a virtue with art. I’m surprised at how much patience I’ve gained in this past year through my drawing and painting. It’s been undoubtedly the most surprising aspect of learning to draw. Your orchid buds look lovely. I like the way you’ve presented them in the circle.

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