The Little Things that Matter – # 14 – Inspiration

Sharing this quote I found from one of my groups over at facebook.


The quote resonated with me because just a couple of posts ago I shared that I was uninspired but will never quit. Considering how I felt during those days and the circumstances of my life and my environment, I think the root cause of being uninspired was the feeling of being tired, stretched and the need for a day off anything artsy.

I know inspiration is everywhere. It is in our household, in our art space, the magazines we read, our current book read, from the many art materials we use, from our favorite quotes and sayings, from our gardens and the whole environment, from the food we have cooked, shared and ate, from a conversation, from the many artists – old and new, from an idea notebook, from our own previous creations and from within our hearts.

Yes, most times I am an amateur and other times I am not. Its okay to be and feel that way. We all roll differently.


7 thoughts on “The Little Things that Matter – # 14 – Inspiration

  1. I really like that quotation. I think it’s true that we just need to be diligent and not constantly waiting for a visit from the muse and I partly feel that way because inspiration also brings pressure: when I have a strong idea then I set myself an expectation I feel the need to meet; when I just sit down and play then there’s much less pressure.

  2. This quote tells the truth. In all creative processes, inspiration comes when we invite it in — by doing our part and “showing up”. Over the years, I’ve heard many writers lament having “writer’s block”. There is no such thing, really. If you think you’re blocked, you are, but if you sit down and write, you’ll discover inspirations in your words and in the process of putting them down. It’s true in all forms of art. “Just do it” is more than a clever catch-phrase for an advertising campaign. Of course, there are times when we choose not to create, times when we need to withdraw. Nothing wrong with that. At those times, we need to acknowledge where we are and recognize our need to step back momentarily. It’s a time to recharge, reenergize, rebuild. We need to celebrate these restful moments for, in the end, they will lead us toward greater creative expression.

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