Self Love Day 119

Day 119


Your response to my self love post yesterday made me reflect about my Father more. Like my Mama, I miss my Papa everyday. If there was one big thing I remember about him was, he always persevered. Though he was brought up in a wealth family, he worked his way through college. He worked as a janitor in a famous restaurant to sustain his degree. He dates my mother with the money he earned from being a golf caddy. He was not ashamed to ride public transport when he visits my mother and her family. From being a janitor to a golf caddy to a college degree holder, he got a job in one of the pharmaceuticals starting from the bottom position and working his way up to being one of the company’s top manager.

But the position and the salary he was earning was not enough for a growing family. When I was in grade 4, he decided to try his luck in the US. He lived with his cousins and found menial work. But homesickness got the better of him and he decided to transfer to Hong Kong which is just about 1.5 hrs by plane to be near us.

In HK, he flourished and he was able to provide for all of us. When it was time to go home and join family business, he did not think twice and joined his brothers and sisters in managing their family owned secondary hospital. He took  charge of the pharmacy. He was the ‘all in one’ man of the pharmacy.  And sent us in private schools and had the best college education. He even gave me my first car when I started college in 1989. Actually, He gave me three cars in his lifetime and a few more for gasoline money. My father was a generous man, a great provider and a lover of life.

When he was diagnosed with diabetes, he worked out and proved to his doctors that he can loose weight and will only have minimal medications.The doctors were in awe. When cancer hit him, he fought and endured the course of the disease, hospitalizations and never gave up. He fought a great fight. He will always be one of my best example of a man who perseveres. That is why when I feel down, burnt out, uninspired and about to quit, I only have to remember what my dear Papa went through to give us everything our heart desires. Papa, I hope in my little way I am making you proud. I miss you terribly!


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