Brush Lettering Wednesday

Hello and welcome to another brush lettering Wednesday. Here is my bible verse for this week.


Writing using the pentel aquash brush (fine) is easier now. Though improvements are necessary with letters g, y, f and yes with all capital letters. The ride is slow and I usually end up almost giving up especially with all the wonderful lettering I see over at instagram. I envy those people who write fluidly and effortlessly. Comparing my journey to them will only push me to really quit. But I won’t. Right now, I am enjoying the process, the learning curve is steep and I am looking at it with a lot of potential. The finish line for this journey is still far and I’d rather concentrate on enjoying where the brush will lead me. That thought really excites me the most.

Happy Wednesday everyone!



9 thoughts on “Brush Lettering Wednesday

  1. You are doing great! You are too hard on yourself. I would love to write as beautiful as you wrote above. My students always ask me “What is that letter?” when I am writing on the board.

    • Thank you for the vote of confidence, Jade. Writing has never been one of my strong points. My handwriting changes every time. In our family, both my parents write beautifully, my mother in script and my father in print.

    • I think so too. Its because I don’t practice that much. 1-2 days per week is not enough and I easily get frustrated. I am in a hurry to learn and I don’t know why…the perfectionist in me I guess.

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