Self Love Day 116

Day 116


This is the phrase I often remind myself whenever I feel like I am not in control of what I am doing or whenever I feel bored in my journey, or whenever I feel that there will be no light at the end of the tunnel. There are unfinished pages on my table, collage pages on canvas boards waiting for paint and unexplored ideas in my idea book.

Motivating oneself is not new to me, though it is difficult, I do it for my own good. I have a dream and I am working to get that dream. Phases like these are understandable. I just have to respect it, accept it, rest and hope for tomorrow.



7 thoughts on “Self Love Day 116

  1. I love the way the row of flowers can also be read as glowing lightbulbs, as little flashes of inspiration. My word for this year is “momentum” and a big element of that is not quitting just because things are challenging or I am short on time or I feel I am no good at something.

  2. Yes, I say this to myself often. I found a drawing when I was in collage. I will send it to you. I look at it when I feel like I’m walking around in circles and not accomplishing anything.

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