Self Love Day 115

Day 115 – blue


Is the color between violet and green. My sister’s favorite color. Also the color of one of my favorite precious stones, lapis lazuli. My comfort color. I discovered that I gravitate to this color when I feel sick or dead tired. Maybe that explains why most of our bed covers and sheets are in shades of blue. Blue jeans are a staple in my wardrobe though I wish that Levis here would carry sizes for plus size women. Also, I once had a friend named Blue. I met him when I was in university.


4 thoughts on “Self Love Day 115

    • Thank you. Actually I was inspired by Belinda Fireman who spearheaded the project way back in 2014. I stumbled on her blog last year and decided to start this year. Its a great project and I am really enjoying it. I hope you will be inspired by the project and start yours soon.

  1. I’m also very drawn to blue. I don’t have much blue in my home decor but I wear it a lot and I’m constantly drawn to blues in my art work. I can tell I use blues more than other colours because those always run out and have to be replaced far more often than other colours in any medium.

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