Self Love Day 113

Day 113 – red


Isn’t it amazing that my 113th self love inchie fell on a Friday the 13th? Coincidence? I think not. ๐Ÿ™‚

Today, I am celebrating the color red. Red had been one of my most favorite colors. I love wearing red, it makes my skin glow. Red is also the color of my father’s family. My father’s father had many siblings and each family represents a color. Why red? Because my grandfather was a doctor and for him red symbolizes life. The red color of our blood comes from hemoglobin which is the iron containing protein in our red blood cells. Red on the other hand is also associated with sacrifice, courage and danger which doctors face everyday. Red is also the color of love, passion, sexuality, joy, happiness and anger. My Chinese Aunt and half Chinese cousins love wearing red during Chinese New Year. It means good luck for them.


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