Colour Me Positive – Week 19 – Balance

This week at Colour Me Positive the main theme is all about having balance in one’s life. Finding that certain balance is difficult. We undergo a lot of ups and downs with emotions making the journey more exhausting. But as human beings, we strive for balance and try our best to achieve it in any way we possibly can. There is no right or wrong formula, there is no right or wrong way, no solution that can fix every situation, no one-size fits all thing, only the desire for stability, equal footing, steadiness.

As we go through different stages in life with different set of problems, we tend to see balance through the eyes of what we are going through or have been gone through. I chose a different quote about balance for my journal page this week. It was the quote that best describe what I’ve been through recently.


I wish you well as you strive balance in your own life. Good luck superwomen!


4 thoughts on “Colour Me Positive – Week 19 – Balance

  1. That’s a great quotation. I can definitely relate to that. I love the strong composition and the use of shapes and lines in this piece. The whole thing is really pleasing. I could see this as a little motivational plaque above a desk.

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