Self Love Day 111

Day 111 – yellow


I took inspiration from Laura’s color combo from her recent Life Book lesson here  and the color yellow found a place in my planner/journal. 🙂 Thanks Laura!

Who does not love the color yellow? Its the color of sunflowers, egg yolks, bees, and lemons. Its also the color of Sponge Bob, happy faces, posts its and those caution signs we find in the streets. The color of happiness, optimism, sunshine, creativity, positivity and warmth. The darker shade of yellow represents madness, cowardice and betrayal. It is also the color of caution for physical illness – jaundice. Also the color of our urine.




2 thoughts on “Self Love Day 111

  1. I am honoured to have inspired you. 😀 I love that yellow can connote anything from optimism to Spongebob to urine. Such a versatile colour. Ha ha! Yellow is actually one of my favourite colours – though I never wear it as it brings out the green in my skin.

    • You always inspire me Laura. I always tell you that if it were not for you I have stopped blogging a long time ago. I am always grateful for your support and continued cheer. Hugs!

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