Plumeria (Kalachuchi)

Sharing my flower study from my Mother’s day mall/coffee bonding with my husband. I chose a photo taken by my husband of my mother’s kalachuchi bonsai plant. Here is the reference photo.

IMG_350D_15640 - original

My interpretation.


Paper: monologue sketch pad, A6, Paint: watercolors – w&n, holbein, golden titanium white acrylic paint; Photo reference: used with permission from my husband’s flickr account –

I am glad that my husband used to be into macro photography. I get to use some of his photographs for my flower studies and asking permission is just a breeze. 🙂

Our weekend coffee bondings have been a source of so much joy for both of us. We both enjoy our comfortable silence with the things we love doing. Him, with his note taking and email follow ups and I, drawing and coloring. At the end of 4-5 hours we both have accomplished a lot, learned a lot and have enjoyed each other’s company.



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