Brush Lettering Wednesday

Today’s bible verse and lettering practice.


Paper: ordinary copy paper; Brush: pentel aquash, fine nib; Ink: sumi drawing ink

This is one of my favorite bible verses and it just has to be part of my brush lettering journey.

I tried writing smaller than last week and it was quite difficult to manipulate the brush especially with letters with downward strokes like g and y. Practice really makes progress and I am guilty for not taking the time to practice often. No excuses though.

Hopefully by next week when all home activities are back to normal I could set a few hours of practice.


4 thoughts on “Brush Lettering Wednesday

  1. I also find that working small is tricky for forming some shapes and marks. That is one of the reasons I am always so impressed with your inchies. Nevertheless, I think your typography in this piece is great. The shapes are all consistent and there is a nice flow to the arrangement of the words.

    • Thank you! I didn’t think anyone would notice the arrangement of the words. Thank you for noticing. I planned the arrangement in a scratch paper and followed from there.

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